This is a technical update on research/registration field work being completed to add uses for key DuPont fungicides.

DuPont development specialists and cooperators are in the final stages of field work on a stand alone formulation of the DuPont cymoxanil fungicide for use against downy mildew in head lettuce.

Cymoxanil is currently teamed with another DuPont active ingredient, famoxadone, in DuPont™ Tanos® fungicide. The new stand alone formulation of cymoxanil is being developed to allow farmers more flexibility to use cymoxanil in tank mixes with other fungicides like DuPont™ Manex® fungicide for control of downy mildew in head lettuce*. DuPont field development specialists said while the new label for the cymoxanil formulation will be a stand alone one, the cymoxanil product must be mixed with another fungicide with a different mode of action.

* Pending state and EPA registration.
Always read and follow all label directions and precautions for use.
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