By Barry Tickes, UA area agriculture agent

An Arizona vegetable acreage in 2012 chart indicates that lettuce was clearly the major vegetable crop at 65,200 acres, followed by melons - 21,700 acres, spinach – 8,000 acres, broccoli – 7,400 acres, and cauliflower – 3,600 acres.

Romaine (19,900 acres) and leaf lettuce (8,700 acres) accounted for almost half of the total lettuce acreage with head lettuce (36,600 acres) as the balance.

There are relatively few herbicides registered for vegetable crops.

There are five registered for head lettuce, seven for cole crops, and six for melons. There are four registered for romaine and leaf lettuce which is fewer than those registered for these crops over the last 45 years.

There are 25 herbicides registered for cotton, 20 for alfalfa, and 16 for wheat.

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