By Barry Tickes, UA area agriculture agent

Unlike Prefar and Balan, Kerb does not adhere strongly to soil. Balan and Prefar adhere very strongly to the soil. Balan should be mechanically incorporated. Prefar needs a lot of water put over the top to be adequately incorporated.

Kerb is the opposite. It will move below the germinating weeds if too much water is applied.

We conducted a few trials several years ago to get an idea how long it should take to run Kerb through the sprinklers when chemigating and how much water to put on after it is applied.

Based on the findings, every field and year can be different. The injection times were 30, 60, and 90-minutes and the amount of water applied after injection was 0, 4, 8, and 12 hours. Thirty minutes was too fast to inject the Kerb. Sixty minutes was better, and 90 minutes was best.

Sprinklers are surprisingly variable in water distribution. This variability is evened out by running sprinklers for longer rather than shorter periods of time. The longer it takes to chemigate the herbicide, the more evenly the distribution in the field.

The herbicide began to leach too deep after applying 8 hours of water continuously after injection. Much of it was gone after 12 hours.

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