Kerb SC and Kerb 50WP

By Barry Tickes, UA Area Agriculture Agent

For the first time in 45 years, Kerb is available in Arizona and California as a liquid suspension concentrate (SC). Aqueous suspension concentrates use little or no hazardous organic solvents and are often more stable and environmentally friendly than many other formulations.

This SC formulation has been used in Europe (Kerb Flo) for several years. Both formulations are available as Kerb 50W, Kerb SC, Pronamide 50 W or Pronamide SC. Users must decide which to use.

The UA has worked with both formulations for about five years to compare efficacy and application. When a good application is made, weed control is the same for both formulations.

The active ingredient, Pronamide, is the same and there is no difference in the weed spectrum or level of weed control. Differences, if any, will likely be in measurement and mixing.

The Kerb 50W we used all of these years contains 50 percent active ingredient per pound and is packaged in water soluble bags. The new SC formulation contains 3.3 pounds of the active ingredient per gallon and is packaged in 2.5 gallon containers. One pound of Kerb 50W, for example, is equivalent to 1.25 pints of Kerb SC.

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