Weed science and the agricultural systems management degree in Yuma

The UA in Yuma offers degree programs in agricultural systems management and crop production. These programs are conducted cooperatively with Northern Arizona University and Arizona Western College.

These programs are housed at the Arizona Western College campus and include classes in pest management, crop production, business management, agricultural law, and other subjects. Classes are offered primarily in the evening to accommodate students who have full or part-time jobs.

While fundamental academics are important, many of the classes offered in Yuma include practical, hands-on experience that is more difficult to acquire on the campus in Tucson.

The Applied Weed Science Class, PLS 300, currently taught puts emphasis on the practical aspects of weed science that will be helpful to pest control advisors, farm managers, and others involved in field and vegetable crop production in the low deserts. This course includes segments in general weed science, plus chemical and non-chemical weed control.

The 14 students enrolled in the spring semester of this course are currently presenting written and oral reports on a weed species common in this area. We hope to include many of the presentations in these advisories.

The one included in this article is presented by Ryan McGuire about the weed southern brass buttons. This weed has become increasingly widespread in La Paz County where Ryan works as a PCA with the Wilbur Ellis Company.

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