BASF has announced the maximum residue limits (MRLs) established by the European Commission for Sharpen herbicide in the European Union.

Growers of field peas, dry beans, and soybeans have an expanded tool for harvest aid and desiccation due to the newly established MRLs.

The timing of this announcement means growers can incorporate Sharpen herbicide as a harvest aid or desiccant in the 2014 season. Sharpen herbicide provides leaf, pod, and stem desiccation for improved time management and harvest efficiency.

Sharpen herbicide, when applied at pre-harvest, can increase drive crop and weed dry-down. Faster dry-down can improve harvestability and help maintain crop quality.

Consult with processing and exporting companies before finalizing harvest aid and desiccant decisions to ensure crop marketability.

Sharpen is a registered trademark of BASF.