The UC Davis Seed Biotechnology Center and UC Davis Extension are offering a two-day short course for professionals in the seed industry.

With the importance of seed quality becoming increasingly vital to agricultural needs, it is critical that producers have an understanding of the biological factors that contribute to the development and maintenance of seed viability and vigor. The course takes place in Davis on Feb. 3 and 4.

Seed Biology, Production and Quality presents the scientific background for production, handling, storage and quality control procedures in the seed industry. It provides an opportunity for professionals in the seed industry, crop consultants and growers, to expand and update their knowledge about seed biology, production and quality. Topics include:

  • Pollination, fertilization and embryogenesis.

  • Physiology of seed development.

  • Seed health and phytosanitation.

  • Management of seed crop production.

  • Harvesting and conditioning to maintain and enhance seed quality.

  • Maintenance of genetic purity and identity.

  • Germination and dormancy.

  • Seed technology and enhancement.

  • Future directions in seed biology and technology.

To request more information about this course or to enroll, call toll free (800) 752-0881 or visit the Web site at and choose the Agriculture program area.