The University of California Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program has released a new online video tool to help California almond growers practice year-round pest management.

The video called, “How to Manage Almond Pests Using the Year-Round IPM Program” is a narrated how–to guidefor growers, pest control advisors, and others who work with almonds. The video explains season-long IPM efforts to stay on top of pest programs.

The six-chapter video incorporates year-round IPM program and pest management guidelines to manage key almond pests including the Navel orangeworm, peach twig borer, and shot hole.

The video includes tips to take dormant spur samples, monitor for shoot strikes, and how to look for predators and parasites of key pests.

Instructions are included on using treatment tables to choose pesticides which are effective while examining the impact on honey bees, natural enemies, and the environment.

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Watch the online video on the Pest Management Guidelines for Almonds page located at

For more information about other year-round programs or for a more general video tour, follow this link:

UC IPM specialists who contributed to the video content include Walt Bentley, Lucia Varela, and Pete Goodell.

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