Beede continues to stress the importance of early-season foliar sprays of zinc, boron and copper for second and third year pistachio trees. “That’s a critical time for these trees”, he explains. ”They need these nutrients to support rapidly developing canopies, especially with the leaf loss associated with shoot pinching for training purposes. At the same time, their relatively small root systems make it difficult to take up these essential elements.”

“Depending on location of the orchard and soil chemistry, once these young trees have about 8 to 10 inches of shoot growth, they need two or even three foliar sprays spaced 14 days apart,” Beede says.

It’s a message he and other farm advisors and specialists have been delivering to growers for at least the past two decades. “Still, today, one of the most common farm calls I make concerns nutrient deficiencies in second leaf pistachio orchards. Growers who continue to doubt the need of these trees for foliar sprays early in the season must be living either in denial or in a cave!”

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