For several years, the Almond Board of California (ABC) has been reaching consumers through online advertising. Last year, two new campaigns were implemented to reach the core consumer target “Jane,” positioning almonds as a solution for both snacking and at meals. In addition, updated campaigns were launched targeting our “Healthy Men” audience, positioning almonds as a heart-healthy snack.

The first Jane-targeted campaign conveyed almonds as the guilt-free snack regardless of the flavor craving. These ads appeared on health-involved websites such as A recipe-oriented campaign targeted at Jane brings to life recipes in a way that is engaging and provides a solution for all dinner occasions. This campaign appeared on recipe-oriented sites such as, and

Market research shows that Healthy Men do not differentiate almonds from other nuts or snack foods, and that they are looking for heart-healthy foods. Three new online campaigns were launched in an effort to give Healthy Men a reason to snack on almonds. These campaigns appeared on sites such as, and

All campaigns will continue to appear in crop year 2011–12 on similar websites and drive consumers to to learn more about the benefits of almonds.