The Almond Board of California participated in the 11th Asian Congress of Nutrition held in Singapore from July 13–16 to showcase how California Almonds can be a significant partner in current and future progress of nutrition practices and policies in this dynamic and growing region. The theme of the nutrition conference was “Nutritional Well-Being for a Progressive Asia: Challenges and Opportunities.”

New almond nutrition research results in the area of diabetes were presented to the Pan-Asian audience of health professionals. The platform was also used to solidify almonds’ place as a credible daily source of nutrition that health professionals can feel confident to recommend. This conference occurs once every four years in a different location in Asia. The attendees are both nutrition researchers sharing new results, and policy makers who discuss nutrition policy issues and trends affecting the Asian population today. Over the three days of scientific sessions, almond research was also quoted and recognized as a positive example by other researchers and policy influencers.