You will immediately notice a heavy presence of California Almonds on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. At the end of 2013, ABC was launched on the popular photo-sharing social platform Instagram and in early 2014 ABC was launched on the image-friendly platform Pinterest.

Strategically, California almonds reach a worldwide audience using digital properties including the website and social media.

To understand the impact of social media, consider this:

In the United Kingdom, nearly 60 percent of adults use social networking sites, with Facebook the most-used platform.

South Korea has the highest usage of Facebook and Twitter; and the country’s leading search engine, Naver, has its own blog where California almonds will have a presence.

China has two increasingly important social platforms - Sina Weibo (similar to Twitter) and WeChat instant messaging.

The changes to the website and social media platforms are already underway.

The last quarter of 2013 marked the re-launch of the North American website with the European websites following shortly thereafter, in the first month of the new year.

By summer 2014, we will have redesigned the South Korean and almond growers/handlers websites.

You may find California Almonds across the web: North America -; United Kingdom -; France -; and Germany -

With a revised digital strategy and online presence, California almonds should see a resurgence in online searches and a more effective dialogue with consumers. This will continue to position almonds as the ‘Nut of Choice’ for consumers worldwide.