There are numerous valuable web resources for disease management to aid in developing fungicide programs. For more information on Dr. Adaskaveg’s research, you can access his report to the Almond Board of California and his poster on the same subject, which was displayed at the Almond Industry Conference. Go to and search the database by researcher (Adaskaveg). Choose Project No. 09.PATH4.Adaskaveg for the report and 10.PATH4.Adaskaveg for the poster.

Another valuable web resource is the UC Statewide IPM website, where you will find the booklet “Efficacy and Timing of Fungicides, Bactericides and Biologicals for Decidious Tree Fruit, Nut, Strawberry and Vine crops” in the almond section under “More information.” This booklet contains valuable information on almond fungicide efficacy (both synthetics and natural products), treatment timing, and suggested fungicide resistance management programs against various diseases. This online publication is currently being updated for the 2011 season to include the newly registered materials and additional resistance management information.

To access the UC Statewide IPM website and other almond disease management resources, including a CEU course on almond disease management, go to