An almond acreage survey is being conducted by the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), California Field Office, in partnership with the Almond Board of California. This acreage survey is the foundation for the NASS subjective and objective survey, which will be conducted during the 2011 growing season. The accuracy of the production forecasts that result from these surveys is directly related to the accuracy and detail provided by the acreage parcel records. The acreage report will provide estimates for county, variety and state totals of almonds. It also provides information to growers to assist in planning future plantings or other crop changes.

The survey is conducted via a questionnaire, which was mailed to almond growers on Sept. 30. It contains previously reported crop variety and acreage information. Growers were asked to take a few moments to update the parcel records with information on new plantings, removals and any other corrections. Newly identified growers were mailed a blank questionnaire. If you did not receive a parcel record, please contact NASS at (916) 498-5161. Even if you have missed the Nov. 1 deadline for returning the survey, growers are still encouraged to return the form by mail even if there are no changes. By returning the parcel records by mail, you save NASS the cost of contacting you by phone or in person during the survey follow-up scheduled through May 1. Individual grower information is kept confidential.