1. Wall St. Exploits Ethanol Credits? The market in ethanol credits has become a hot new game on Wall Street. (New York Times)

2. 3 Mega Crops Below the Radar: There are crops feeding millions — and many people have never even heard of them. (Mentalfloss)

3. Bee Math: The greatest pollination show on Earth is a mix of staggering stats and figures — and they reveal an astonishing tale. (Scientific American)

4. Gentleman Pig Farmer: Tough investment banker tackles hogs. (Barron’s)

5. Polypipe, Heal Thyself: Researchers have created plastic that once split apart, can merge together again. (CBS)


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6. Death by Falcon: Bird damage across the U.S. costs growers hundreds of millions in annual profit — a $50-million tab for California’s wine grape industry alone. Bring on the falcons. (LA Times)

7. Farmers Fight Elephants with Chile Peppers: One million hectares of Indian farmland damaged each year by elephants. Are chile peppers the answer? (The Guardian)

8. Coyote Killers: The top predator of livestock in the U.S., coyotes killed more than 135,000 sheep in 2005. (Modern Farmer)

9. Artwork Good Enough to Eat — Almost: Check out these stunning acrylic paintings from Tom Martin. Oranges, strawberries, rice, rhubarb, blueberries, tomatoes and peppers all look real — but they’re not. (Daily Mail)

10. 15 Days in a Well: A little corn goes a long way when you fall in a well. (BBC)


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