1. 10 Factors Guiding Farmland Value

Tim Hopper, TIAA-CREF, says 10 global trends will steer the future of farmland value. (The News-Gazette)

2. The Great Fertilizer Fire

When the West Fertilizer Company plant went up in flames, volunteer firemen knew what was stored inside: huge bins of ammonium nitrate and tanks of anhydrous ammonia, both of which were becoming increasingly unstable. But they didn’t know the flames would result in the biggest disaster their town had ever seen. (Texas Monthly)

3. Cowboys in the Holy Land

Israeli cowboys roaming the Golan Heights. (Daily Mail)

4. Soldier in a Poppy Field

A West Point graduate found riches in Afghanistan’s poppy fields — and a 10-year prison sentence. (Vocativ)

5. Harold Hamm, Sharecropper to Oil and Fracking Tycoon

As a child, Harold Hamm picked cotton until Christmas or the first snow — now he’s a billionaire — the 90th richest person on the planet. (WFP)