1. Calling All Water Witches

Copper divining rods, pendulums or blind luck — some California farmers are calling in the water witches for drought relief. (Associated Press)

2. Wall Street Eager for US Farms?

Farmland turnover is expected to be high in the next 20 years and Wall Street is watching. (Modern Farmer)

3. Environmental Regulators Eat Their Own

When a British couple built a “green home” from recycled material with no power or running water, they refused to apply for a building permit claiming the application process used too much paper and electricity. Now the town council has ordered the house torn down. (Daily Mail)

4. Almond Pain

Candy bars, milk, Indian chocolates, pastries, marzipan and so many more products are going to feel almond pain. The California drought has blanketed almond prospects with questions over supply and jacked up prices with harvest six months away. (Bloomberg)

5. Pints Over Pastries?

The first farmers in history to toil over grain in the ground were after bread and beer. But which of the two was the biggest motivator? (Nautilus)