1. The 50-Year Water War

Long read on the tight strands tangled in California’s Gordian water knot. (The Atlantic)

2. All Hail Eminent Domain

County officials are claiming eminent domain for a bike trail? A bike trail? (Inquisitr)

3. “Whole Foods: Temple of Pseudoscience”

Everyone believes in science — at least their own science. Whole Foods is no different, with a version of its own: probiotics, organic integrity, ChlorOxygen, Sacred Healing Food, and aisles of others. (The Daily Beast)

4. Thirsty Food

Why California's drought is a disaster for your favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts. (Mother Jones)

5. No Shame Greenpeace

Each year over a million children die due to vitamin A deficiency while a life-saving solution waits on the sidelines, actively opposed by groups like Greenpeace. In the case of golden rice, blanket opposition to GMO crops is costing lives. (WFP)