1. When is a Pig a Pig?

Producer Mark Baker has been cleared of $700,000 in penalties for raising exotic hogs, but more litigation remains. Farmers and game ranchers contend a “pig is a pig” but state regulators disagree. (San Francisco Chronicle)

2. Waiting for Hitler — in LA

In 1933, Winona and Norman Stephens began building a compound on 55 acres close to Los Angeles — with irrigated hillsides for farming — and waited for the Nazis to arrive. (Slate)

3. Climbing with the Honey Hunters

Step back in time with an absolutely stunning photo gallery featuring honey hunters in action on the Himalayan cliffs of Nepal. Fantastic shots. (The Guardian)

4. Born, Raised, Slaughtered in the U.S.

How much do you know or want to know about your meat? The COOL fight is still dragging. (Bloomberg)

5. The Riches of Fake Food

The criminal underground is dropping the drugs and getting into the counterfeit food trade. Olive oil, vinegar, cookies, candy, garlic, and honey — and the penalties for getting pinched are a joke. (The Independent)