1. Al-Qaeda on US Farmland?

In 2002, a Navy SEAL team found an alarming paper trail in an Afghani cave cluster: Agriculture articles translated into Arabic. USDA documents. A list of livestock pathogens. A rundown of crop diseases. And … training documents — how to deploy pathogens on farms. (Modern Farmer)

2. Extreme Crossbreeding

Spider-goats: Take a spider gene that encodes web production and place and mix it in a goat’s udder DNA. What do you get? Literally, an elastic milk filled with spider-silk protein that is showing great promise in the medical field. And spider-goats aren’t even cutting edge. (The Guardian)

3. Treasure in the Field — Literally

Catch a field after a rain; run a metal detector over forgotten ground; or simply stand in a favored spot when a field is flipped — and in those painfully rare moments the ground may give up a treasure — literally. (WFP)

4. Sweet Taste of Killer Bee Honey

Other than facing death, beekeepers are having great success with killer bee honey. (Scientific American)

5. Rudy K’s Wild Ride

Rudy Kurniawan is looking at up to 40 years after conviction for wine fraud. (Los Angeles Times)