Parker said tests on protectant insecticides show:

  • Actellic was effective on all insects except lesser gain borer.
  • Diacon II was effective on larval stage of all insects except for weevils.
  • Combination of Actellic + Diacon II was very effective.
  • Silicon dioxide was effective but reduced bushel weight and made grain handling more difficult.
  •  Liquid spinosad provided effective control (still waiting on approval by Japan).
  • Rates based on a chemical cost of 4 cents per bushel were effective for 10 to 12 months in storage.

Parker said when producers clean out bins they should move any old grain or other debris away from the facilities. “Get it all offsite,” he said.

Parker also commented on storage bags and potential for insect damage. “Moisture is used up in the bags by respiration, and carbon dioxide levels increase so we’ve had no insect problems,” he said.

Maximum storage time in these bags has been about six months. “We’ve had no insect problems so far. In fact, weevil numbers dropped slightly each month corn was stored in the bags.”

He said it’s critical that producers do not place the bags where water will stand.

“We also expected some problems with animals, especially feral hogs. We’ve seen some problems with rats and raccoons, but no hogs. Also, we can seal up damaged areas.”

Parker advised farmers storing grain in bags to check frequently for animal damage, moisture and temperature.