On shopping lawsuits…

“The trial attorneys actually began shopping these lawsuits by going town to town. They’ve since filed a federal lawsuit in Illinois earlier this year. But a few towns in Missouri and Kansas bought in.

“The most egregious one to me is Dodge City, Kan., which gets well water. It doesn’t get any runoff from fields. But the ability to reinvent ‘zero’ occurs every year. (With such sophisticated testing equipment) it isn’t hard to find some trace amount.

“Clearly, we understand what kind of safety factors are in the EPA requirements.

“The cities are being sucked into this because they need money. Attorneys might say, ‘If we can get this done, you’ll have some money to spend. In the meantime, we’ll front the costs for doing this.’ So, the cities aren’t paying anything and the suits’ costs are on a contingency basis.”