The Subway brand is committed to making their restaurants and operations as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. To that end, Subway has teamed up with California Tomato Farmers (CTF), a cooperative of family-owned tomato farming operations to promote California tomatoes in-store and on-line.

During the months of July, August and September, Subway's California stores are serving tomatoes from CTF, a group of tomato farmers who have been growing tomatoes in a sustainable, responsible way for generations.

"This promotion with Subway is a natural fit for us," said Ed Beckman, CEO of CTF. "Like Subway, our growers are committed to helping the environment whenever possible; by using drip irrigation to conserve water; adopting solar power for clean energy; and by using cover crops to preserve the quality of our soil."

During the summer months, Subway uses tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces, baby spinach and red onions from California for much of the United States and Canada. "Although the Subway brand benefits from the efficiencies of a centralized distribution network, we know our customers are increasingly interested in locally sourced products that help support local businesses as well as reduce the carbon footprint of the supply chain," said Tina Fitzgerald, director of produce and corporate responsibility for Subway. "Knowing this, our non-profit, franchisee owned, Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) tries to incorporate locally sourced products where possible provided they meet our stringent specification and are cost effective."

The three month long promotion includes in-store signage that highlights the California grown origin of the store's tomatoes and offers examples to customers on ways in which CTF "Live Green."