From the Sacramento Bee:

It's not exactly Pepsi vs. Coke, but there's another head-to-head battle going on for a spot in America's drinking cups.

Sacramento's Blue Diamond Growers is competing with the maker of Silk soy milk for dominance of the small but fast-growing almond milk market, whose sales totaled $105 million in 2010.

Each of the combatants is spending millions of dollars in advertising and promotions. If you buy one brand at the grocery store, the cashier is likely to hand you a coupon for the other.

"It's very competitive," said John O'Shaughnessy, general manager of the consumer products division for Blue Diamond. "Both companies are trying to attract new users and keep loyal users."

Almond milk has been a staple of the health foods aisle since Blue Diamond put out a shelf-stable version in 1998.

As almond milk sales rise, Blue Diamond battles Silk