1. The 50-Year Water War

Long read on the tight strands tangled in California’s Gordian water knot. (The Atlantic)

2. All Hail Eminent Domain

County officials are claiming eminent domain for a bike trail? A bike trail? (Inquisitr)

3. “Whole Foods: Temple of Pseudoscience”

Everyone believes in science — at least their own science. Whole Foods is no different, with a version of its own: probiotics, organic integrity, ChlorOxygen, Sacred Healing Food, and aisles of others. (The Daily Beast)

4. Thirsty Food

Why California's drought is a disaster for your favorite fruits, vegetables, and nuts. (Mother Jones)

5. No Shame Greenpeace

Each year over a million children die due to vitamin A deficiency while a life-saving solution waits on the sidelines, actively opposed by groups like Greenpeace. In the case of golden rice, blanket opposition to GMO crops is costing lives. (WFP)

James and the Giant Mango

6. James and the Giant Mango

The world’s biggest mango — weighing in at 7 tons, has been stolen in an epic midnight heist. The 33-foot tall mango was harvested with a crane and hauled off to parts unknown. (The Raw Story)

7. The Underworld of Bull Semen

There’s major money in cattle insemination, and likewise, loads of hustlers and rustlers. (Vocativ)

8. Pregnancy, Pain and Toil

Januka Rasaeli wakes at 6 a.m. and works until 10 p.m., planting vegetables, chopping wood and herding goats. She’s also seven months pregnant, in constant pain, and will maintain the grind until the day she gives birth. (BBC)

9. Micro Farm Extinction

Japanese farmers command prices that are twice the world average. That may soon change. (Bloomberg)

10. Ersatz Eggs?

Li Ka-shing, one of the world’s richest men, just invested $23 million in Silicon Valley’s fake eggs. (Motherboard)

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