A meta analysis of an earlier Harvard University study linking high white rice consumption to a rise of Type 2 diabetes, especially in Asian populations, has been featured in more than 50 news stories.

USA Rice Federation Scientific Advisory Panel member Dr. Keith Ayoob called the study of "minimal importance" due to limitations and weakness pointed out by the study authors; said that while the study may have shown association, it did not prove cause-and-effect, and attributed the rise in Type 2 diabetes to changes in diet quality, obesity and sedentary lifestyle. When asked by a reporter what he would say to a concerned patient or family member who has seen these results, he responded: "I would tell them what we know for sure: to manage Type 2 diabetes, or to lower your risk for getting it, take steps to keep from becoming overweight, make physical activity a real priority, include some protein and fiber in each meal and snack, and spread your calories throughout the day, so there's less chance of spiking your blood sugar from a huge meal at dinner."

USA Rice has developed message points that will be used in response to any media and consumer inquiries and will continue to monitor reporting of this study.