Winged primrose willow (Ludwigia decurrens) was recently discovered in a rice field near Richvale. This is the first documented occurrence of winged primrose willow (WPW) west of Texas. Native to South America, WPW is highly competitive and considered to be an invasive weed species. WPW is an annual, which can behave like a perennial in moderate climes. It produces vast quantities of seeds and survives under a range of hydrological and climatic conditions.

A field survey is currently underway to determine the extent of the infestation. At present, WPW has been found south of Richvale on both sides of the Midway and extending south on Riceton Road almost to Afton Road principally along field edges, levies, and ditch banks. The Agriculture Commissioner is coordinating an eradication effort. Please inspect your fields. If you suspect that you have WPW in your fields or need more information, call:

  • Butte County: Cass Mutters, UCCE (530.521.6670)
  • Navid Khan, Ag Commissioner’s Office (530.370.8723)
  • Mike Stewart, Ag Commissioner’s Office (530.521.8545)
  • Sutter, Yuba, Sacramento, Placer Counties: Chris Greer, UCCE (530-822-7515)
  • Colusa, Glenn, Yolo Counties: Luis Espino, UCCE (530-458-0570)