Here is the California Crop Production Report for June 2011 from the National Agricultural Statistics Service.


The 2011 California apricot crop forecast is 55,000 tons, down 7 percent from the 2010 crop. Harvest started in mid-May in the southern San Joaquin Valley. Heavy precipitation and cool temperatures in the spring slowed the maturity of the crop. Harvest is expected to be completed in July.


The 2011 California sweet cherry crop forecast is 85,000 tons, down 12 percent from the 2010 crop. California experienced a relatively cool and moist growing season for cherries.

The California Cherry harvest was underway in early May, and is expected to wind down by

Late June. Growers are concerned recent storms will have an impact on the later cherry crop.


The 2011 California Freestone peach crop forecast is 385,000 tons, unchanged from the May forecast, and unchanged from the 2010 crop.

California experienced an adequate number of chilling hours, thus benefiting the Freestone crop. Weather during the bloom period resulted in a good set. Growers are expecting to have to thin more this year due to the good set.

There have been some reports of hail damage on the early varieties but overall the crop is looking good. The early variety peach harvest began in May.

The 2011 California Clingstone peach crop forecast is 430,000 tons, unchanged from the May forecast, and less than 1 percent below the 2010 crop. Clingstone peach development has been slowed due to spring rains and cooler than normal April temperatures. This year's statewide full bloom date was three days later than last year.

The Extra Early and Early varieties are reported to have a heavy set while the Late and Extra Late varieties are reported to have an average set. Cool and windy weather conditions have growers busy protecting their orchards from mildew.

Bartlett pears

The 2011 California Bartlett pear crop forecast is 185,000 tons, up 9 percent from the 2010 crop. The growing season thus far has been characterized by cool, wet weather. The crop’s bloom period began in March. Cool spring temperatures were expected to delay the start of harvest by a few days. Minimal pest pressure was reported.

Dried plums (prunes)

The 2011 California prune crop forecast is 122,000 dried tons, down 4 percent from the revised 127,000 tons in 2010. Bloom was delayed by cold, wet weather. Rain held up pollination and some growing areas experienced hail and frost. No major damage was reported and despite these issues, growers expect yields to be similar to last year. Pest control remains a concern as cool temperatures persist.


California's 2011 Durum wheat harvested acreage is estimated at 145,000 acres. The yield is forecast at 3.30 tons per acre, resulting in total production of 479,000 tons.

Durum wheat progressed well throughout the growing season. Cooler weather was seen in the Durum growing areas but did not have a negative impact on the crop. Harvest of Durum wheat was underway in Southern California. No significant disease or pest pressure was reported.

California’s wheat other than Durum harvested acreage is estimated at 460,000 acres for 2011. The forecast yield is 2.40 tons per acre, bringing the total production to 1.10 million tons.

The wheat growing season in California has been characterized by cooler weather in addition to above average rainfall. Growers in southern California have started harvesting. The cooler weather has set harvest slightly behind normal.

Production forecasts are released on a monthly basis and do not reflect final production estimates. Late summer and fall harvests may change these estimates considerably.

The next production forecast will be issued July 12.