A listing of the most viewed Western Farm Press articles for 2011 in descending order: #20 - #13. For #12 - #6, see Part 2.

20. Pound of honey a stunning bee creation

Mary Hightower, University of Arkansas

19. Opening Thompson seedless grape offer of $250 highest ever

Harry Cline

18. Farmers frustrated at EWG distortion of food facts

Harry Cline

17. Allied's SJV 2011 wine grapes 'sold out'

Harry Cline

16. Native bees may hold key to world's pollination problems

Erik Vance, University of California

15. Agriculture's message not resonating with the public

Richard Cornett, Director of Communications, Western Plant Health Association

14. What lies ahead after historic farmland boom?

Hembree Brandon

13. California grape acreage smallest in 13 years

Harry Cline