The University of California Cooperative Extension is sponsoring a one-day precision agriculture workshop July 14, at the UC Davis campus to discuss current uses and techniques for site-specific management for California’s agriculture.

The workshop will cover orchard fertility and yield variability, practical uses of remote sensing, soils electrical conductivity and yield monitors and site-specific weed control. There also will be an overview of concepts and techniques used to identify and manage in-field variability.

Speakers will include Rob Mikkelsen, director, Western North America IPNI; Richard E. Plant, Patrick Brown and Tom Lanini, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences; Cannon Michael, vice president, Bowles Farming Co., Los Banos, Calif.; Jason Ellsworth, regional technology specialist, Wilbur-Ellis Co.; and Jose P. Molin, Biosystems Engineering, University of Sao Paulo.

Registration is $50 if received before June 30, $65 for late registration, and $15 for students. For more details and to register, go to or call (661)974-8825, or e-mail