The first biotech labeling bill to reach enactment has been passed by the Vermont legislature. Proponents of labeling are hoping that passage of H112 will increase the chances of labeling bills in other states.

Labeling advocates are pressuring the New York legislature to support Assembly bill 3525 and Senate bill 3835, companion measures that would require labeling in that state. Passage of a bill in New York is key for labeling advocates as it would meet the population trigger for laws in Connecticut and Maine. The legislative session ends on June 19 and it is uncertain if the measures will gain enough support in that time.

A similar bill in California, SB 1381, also faces calendar constraints. The measure must clear the Senate agriculture and appropriations committees as well as the full chamber, by May 30, in order to be taken up for consideration by the Assembly. Once there, it would have until June 27 to gain passage from the relevant committees and the lower chamber in order to see approval from the governor.