Caneberries, including raspberries and blackberries, are growing in popularity as a fruit crop for production in California. In recent years, California has led in total caneberry production overall—and in a typical year, California produces over 90 percent of the fresh market raspberries grown in the United States.

As a response, the University of California, Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) recently published the first ever caneberry production manual designed for Western fresh market growers. At more than 74 pages, the Fresh Market Caneberry Production Manual is full of detailed information on raspberry and blackberry production, vital for fresh market commercial growers, home gardeners, researchers, and industry professionals alike.

Fresh Market Caneberry Production Manual includes special sections on understanding plants and varieties, managing commercial fields, controlling and monitoring pest activity, creating proper irrigation and controlling water quality, training and pollinating plants, harvesting, and post-harvest handling.

With more than 90 color photos, tables and illustrations, this manual is a necessary field reference for growing blackberries and raspberries in the western United States.

More information about this manual is available The new Fresh Market Caneberry Production Manual is available for $25. Volumes discounts may apply. To order, visit the website above or call 1-800-994-8849.