The California Crop Weather report from the National Agricultural Statistics Service in Sacramento, Calif., for the week ending Jan. 2.


A weak, high pressure ridge lay off the Southern California coast at the start of the week with a fast moving frontal system approaching far Northern California. The system brought heavy rain to the North Coast with moderate showers across the interior of Northern California.

Surface-based high pressure behind the front settled over the Great Basin. This resulted in a strong offshore wind pattern for Southern California which experienced strong gusty winds for much of the week.

Another fast moving storm then moved across California, spreading showers across the state Wednesday. This was followed by a cool and dry period for late Thursday and on Friday while gusty offshore winds continued to plague Southern California.

Another storm reached Northern California in the early morning hours at the first of the New Year, while Southern California enjoyed sunny, but cool conditions on New Year’s Day. The storm system reached Southern California the next day, as the entire state saw cloudy and wet conditions on Sunday.

Field crops

Rainfall aided the establishment of winter wheat, oats, and barley. Other forage crops emerged with the assistance of favorable rainfall. Field work was on hold in many areas of California due to wet field conditions. The plentiful soil moisture also necessitated weed control on fallow fields.

Fruit crops

Pruning and other maintenance continued in orchards and vineyards as conditions allowed due to ongoing wet weather conditions.

The Navel orange, mandarin, lemon, and grapefruit harvests continued in the San Joaquin Valley but at a slower pace due to wet conditions. Lemons and grapefruit were picked in the desert region.

Fruit and nut nursery stock plants were prepared for sale in Sutter County. With the exception of citrus and avocado trees, fruit trees and vines were in dormancy for the winter.

Nut crops

Almond pruning and orchard removal were ongoing in the Central Valley as field conditions allowed. Nut trees are in dormancy for the winter across California.

Vegetable crops

Winter vegetables were planted and advanced despite wet weather conditions in Fresno and Tulare counties. Kern County reported the harvest of carrots. Ground preparation and weed control progressed as weather permitted in Sutter County.