For the second year, World Ag Expo will be home to a 30,000 square foot pavilion dedicated to beef and livestock. The pavilion will include a live demonstration area where exhibitors can showcase their new technology in the beef and livestock industries.

"We had a great response to this year's Beef and Livestock Pavilion, and look forward to an even better pavilion in 2012," said Patty Colson, 2012 World Ag Expo chair. "We've had an increase in beef and livestock producers attending our show, and this pavilion is one way we're working to reach all of the farmers and ranchers who attend World Ag Expo."

An increase in attendance of beef producers sparked World Ag Expo officials to dedicate a pavilion to meet the demands of the beef and livestock community. The pavilion, located in the southwest corner of the show grounds, will feature seminars, demonstrations and businesses serving the needs of beef and livestock producers.

Demonstrations and seminars will be featured in the pavilion each day of World Ag Expo, Feb. 14-16, 2012. A seminar by Gustavo Cruz, UC Davis, will discuss the difference in performance, carcass traits, meat quality and profitability when finishing cattle on grass versus grain. A presentation about diagnostics of udder and correct scan and imagery will be presented by John Openshaw, an ultrasound practitioner. Also featured in the pavilion will be a demonstration about cattle dog fundamentals and techniques by Blaine Ketscher and Ryan Pascoe of Hearst Ranch. For those interested in learning about low stress cattle handling, Jon Mollhagen, Moly Mfg., will demonstrate the use of an FZA cattle system with a silencer hydraulic squeeze chute.

Any company interested in exhibiting in the Beef and Livestock Pavilion should contact Julia at 559.688.1030 or e-mail