1. Fairy tales and food activism — What was once a cottage industry is now big business: loony notions about how we ought to be eating.

2. The Great Wine Scare — The present wine world will soon go the way of the dinosaur. Welcome to the great climate change wine scare of 2013.

3. Farmer plants country’s first legal hemp crop in decades — A farmer has planted a crop that hasn’t been legally grown in the United States for 60 years — industrial hemp.

4. Meet the Killer Bee Guy — Reed Booth, the self-styled “Killer Bee Guy.” For nearly 25 years, Booth has pitted himself dramatically against killer bees of Cochise County, Ariz.

5. Heading down a blind alley of food blame — The public health attack on sugar.

6. Property rights, pigs and pristine waters — A hog operation opening near a pristine river generates protests and fears of contamination. But what about the farmer's side of the story?

7. Farmer likely trying to save crop before accident — Ric Pertics, 61, was killed when his clothes became stuck in irrigation equipment that he was tending to overnight.

8. 5 Combine Demolition Derby Videos That’ll Wreck Your Neck — Got an old combine or harvester sitting around, collecting dust? Maybe it’s time to enter a combine demolition derby.

9. 60,000 Bees — It was the biggest hive that beekeeper Vic Bachman has ever removed — a dozen feet long, packed inside the eve of a cabin.

10. The Danger of Fakes — A new eBook warning of the dangers of counterfeit wines has just been published online.

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