The last two years, San Joaquin Valley raisin growers experienced a high number of rolled raisin thefts. The majority of the thefts occurred near Biola and the area west of Selma. In past years the Sheriff’s Department has received reports of both bin and rolled raisin thefts. In 2011 thefts consisted primarily of rolled raisins taken from the fields, usually during the evening and late night hours.

Prevention tips

• Place rolled raisin trays deeper in the vineyard away from main roads. Doing so limits visibility from the roadway.

• Remove raisins and/or bins from fields or unsecured locations as soon as possible.

• Secure tractors, trailers and most importantly forklifts, so the criminals are not able to use your own equipment to perpetrate the theft.

(For more, see: Wine grape heist in California vineyard)

Report any theft and or sighting of suspicious vehicles/persons with descriptions as soon as possible to Fresno Sheriff's Department 559-488-3111.

For in-progress crimes or any emergency, please dial 911.