From the Statesman Journal:

Threats of migratory birds, destructive mold and fall weather make it a tough time to be a wine grape in the Willamette Valley.

Area growers are on pins and needles as they deal with another delayed harvest — the result of heavy spring rains and a cool growing season. Similar weather patterns in 2010 contributed to a 22-percent decrease in Oregon wine grape production, according to the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

With an even later vintage this year, Oregon growers are feeling the pressure.

"You say late harvest, but it may be no harvest for us," said Pete Buffington, an award-winning winemaker who owns Abiqua Wind Vineyard with his wife, Marcia Buffington.

The 11-acre property is tucked away in the hills above Scotts Mills. Its higher elevation contributes to a later harvest than most Willamette Valley vineyards, but even so, the Buffingtons generally are finished picking grapes by late October.

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