The California Raisin Marketing Board has passed its mandatory referendum to continue the marketing order that authorizes the board’s efforts through July 31, 2016.

In a recently completed referendum conducted by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, the continuation was supported by 91 percent or 1,750 growers who voted in favor of continuing the marketing order.

Of the 2,704 eligible voters, 1,914 or 71 percent cast ballots. This vote was on par with that of the previous continuation referendum conducted in 2006.

“The highly positive referendum results indicate clear support of our strategic research and promotion efforts on behalf of all California Raisin growers,” said Gary Schulz, president and general manager of the California Raisin Marketing Board.

“Together, we can do more than we could ever do alone, and we are pleased to continue with our important work.”

With the favorable vote, the boardwill continue funding crop production and nutrition science research.

The organization’s marketing programs promote California raisins as a wise choice for healthy, on-the-go snacking, as well as a versatile, flavorful ingredient for the foodservice, food manufacturing, and baking industries.

The California Raisin Marketing Board was created by a state marketing order in 1998 and is 100-percent grower funded. Its mission is to support and promote the increased use of California-grown raisins.