From the Yamhill Valley News-Register:

Wine grapes are close to Travis Cook’s heart, although not always close to his body.

The McMinnville man spends his days managing Yamhill County vineyards for other people. He enjoys it for many reasons: He likes being outdoors and seeing the crops grow successfully from small plants to ripe grapes.

In his own time, he is the absentee owner of a vineyard near his hometown of Baker City. Although he can’t visit the far eastern part of Oregon as often as he would like, he keeps in daily contact with his vineyard manager — his dad.

Cook, who graduated from Oregon State University in 2007 with a degree that emphasizes both growing grapes and making wine, is as intent on making a success of his MotherLode vineyard and wines as he is on producing great crops of grapes in the Yamhill County vineyards he tends.

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