From the Napa Valley Register:

Here in the Napa Valley, the growing season has just begun and already speculation abounds about the quality of the 2011 vintage. To me, that’s like a film critic judging a film, that hasn’t be shot yet, by reading the first few pages of a script. Not only it is important what happens in the rest of the script (the growing season) but there’s also the transformation of the script into an actual film as the grapes are grown and turned into wine.

So, talking quality for 2011 is clearly premature. Mother Nature still has so many cards to play over the next few months, and Napa Valley grape growers and winemakers have so many decisions to make, responding to the vintage at hand with the goal of crafting the best possible wines.

With that in mind, what can we say about vintage 2011, at this very early stage?

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