1. Looming Cali Water Crisis Strikes Fear in Farmers: The 2014 water outlook is frightening as farmers begin to run out of options for next season. (WFP)

2. Forget MBA, Get an Agriculture Degree: "Finance has been good the past 30 years, but it was not good the 30 years before that, and it's happening again," says Jim Rogers. "Finance is in decline. In the future, the center of the world will not be finance—it's going to be the producers of real goods." (CNBC)

3. Cheating the Reaper With a Pocketknife: With his leg trapped beneath 9 tons of farm machinery, no cell phone and no farmhands around to help, Barry Lynch was in excruciating pain with little prospect of survival. He set to work with the only tool he had — a pocketknife. (Brisbane Times)

4. First Hemp in 56 Years: A Colorado farmer has harvested the first commercial hemp crop in 56 years. (The Herald)

5. Drone Pilot Fights for Right to Profit: For the first time, the FAA is going after a drone pilot for illegally operating a UAV. Meanwhile, the underground drone scene keeps on buzzing. (Wired)

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6. The Queen is Dead: Chemist Ruth Benerito helped perfect wrinkle-free cotton — permanent press. (NYT)

7. Photos: Meet One of America's Youngest Farmers: Thomas Neblett, 22, farms 2,400 acres and is surrounded by a crew that parallels his age. In a graying business, Sunrise Planting Co. is an extreme exception. (DFP)

8. Pitchfork Perfect: Crafting the perfect farm tool. (Modern Farmer)

9. Plow Battle of the Sexes: The lady can plow. At the Avebury Plowing Association's annual competition, Alice Nutland, 23, left the fellas in the dust. (The Telegraph)

10. RIP Ratzilla: Is an 11-pound rat a hoax? Chinese farmers claim it’s no hoax after killing ‘ratzilla’ and breaking two knives trying to hack him up. (Daily Mail)

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