USDA recently updated its Market News Portal with the capability to access weekly advertised retail information. With these new options, Market News customers can search, view, and download current and historical retail data on beef, lamb, veal, pork, chicken, turkey, eggs, and an expanded group of fruits, and vegetables.

Reports can also be customized to meet the user’s individual preferences, and saved in various formats. These enhancements allow the user to gather current and historical analysis, and make direct comparisons to other market levels, through the use of graphs and charts.

Previously, retail information was available only in individual text and static PDF reports, making historical searches and data analysis difficult.

Also new to Market News is reporting the National Fruit and Vegetable Organic Summary on a daily basis, previously only reported weekly. The custom search option has been further enhanced to include a category specifically for organic data. These additional features make searching for -and retrieving - organic fruit and vegetable data faster and easier because fewer steps are required.

Customers may access the retail data on the Market News Portal Web site ( The site and the data are available to the public, free of charge.