USDA Farm Service Agency State Executive Director Val Dolcini announced the launch of a Conservation Loan (CL) program that will provide farm owners and farm-related business operators access to credit to implement conservation techniques that conserve natural resources.

“California farmers and ranchers, who want to implement conservation measures on their lands, can now get additional assistance with up-front costs,” said Dolcini. “In return, these producers will help reduce soil erosion, improve water quality and promote sustainable agricultural practices.”

Direct CLs can be obtained through local Farm Service Agency (FSA) offices with loan limits up to $300,000. Guaranteed CLs up to $1,112,000 are available from lenders working with FSA.

CL funds can be used to implement conservation practices approved by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), such as the installation of conservation structures; establishment of forest cover; installation of water conservation measures; establishment or improvement of permanent pastures; implementation of manure management; and the adaptation of other emerging or existing conservation practices, techniques ortechnologies.

For more information on the Conservation Loan program, contact a local FSA office or visit the FSA website at For more information about this announcement please see the September 3 edition of the Federal Register: