The Obama Administration is planning a major investment of up to $510 million to produce biofuels. ASU renewable energy expert Milton Sommerfeld joins Dan Rees, the president of REV Biodiesel in Gilbert, Ariz., to discuss the particulars of how the investment will affect Arizona's biofuel industry, in a recent episode of "Horizon" on Eight, Arizona PBS.

In looking at the current state of Arizona's biofuel industry, according to Rees, what many people filling up at the pump don't realize is that, on average, 5 percent of diesel fuel is actually biodiesel. The federal government has allowed blending biodiesel with diesel fuel at a level of 5 percent or less without having to disclose it to customers, Rees said.

"Right now, we'd like to see more support from the state of Arizona," Rees said. "Biodiesel is not recognized as an alternative fuel in the state of Arizona."

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