The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently lost a lawsuit challenging a California dairy industry "happy cows" ad campaign.

According to PETA, marketing claims made by the dairy industry violated state rules by misrepresenting the health and well-being of dairy cows.

However, a Sacramento Superior Court judge found the California Milk Advisory Board and the California Department of Food and Agriculture provided sufficient evidence to support their claim dairy cows in the state are comfortable, safe and happy.

The decision was "rewarding" for California dairy farmers, said Jennifer Giambroni, Advisory Board spokeswoman. "We've always worked with experts on what we say. And we feel confident about the campaigns that we use to promote California dairy."

The judge's ruling relied heavily on testimony from CDFA officials, including veterinarians and other personnel in the Animal Health and Food Safety Services Division, as well as Advisory Board officials, many of whom are farmers.

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