We have made significant progress in the advancement of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Water Reliability Act (H.R. 1837) and are looking forward to continuing the debate in the Senate with or without the support of California’s Senators.

As Western Farm Press said in a recent editorial, “Feinstein and other Democrats had better figure out a way to glean the good from Nunes’ bill and make sure it becomes law, even with the threat of a presidential veto.” The people of California and, in particular, residents of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley cannot continue to suffer water shortages dictated by people the federal court has labeled as dishonest zealots. Congress must act.

For more information, you can check out the complete debate over H.R. 1837 on my YouTube Channel (long version).

In addition, there is a shorter clip that focuses on key arguments.

Finally, I encourage you to read the entire Western Farm Press editorial by clicking here.

Thanks again for your interest. Sincerely, Devin Nunes, Member of Congress