From the New York Times:

The Department of Agriculture's decision to fully deregulate biotech alfalfa will delay, but not forestall, a day of reckoning between the rising organic industry and the coalition of farmers, agribusinesses and biotech firms that support the widespread adoption of genetically engineered crops, opponents and observers of the department's conclusion said.

In December, USDA shocked the farming industry by announcing that it may impose geographic restrictions on the cultivation of biotech alfalfa, the controls meant to limit the crops' cross-pollination with conventional and organic varieties. The proposal, set aside by the department, marked a stark reversal from USDA's past, laissez-faire regulations, which focused largely on food safety, placing the burden for growing crops free of genetically modified seed on organic growers.

USDA's Alfalfa Decision Postpones Reckoning on Biotech Crops