The House passed H.R. 910 (Energy Tax Prevention Act) by a vote of 255 to 172. Nineteen Democrats joined in approving the bill that would prohibit EPA from regulating emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases (GHGs) that the agency has declared a threat to human health and the environment.

The measure would amend the Clean Air Act to prevent the EPA from regulating stationary sources of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to address climate change. It would specify that the term “air pollutant” under the 1973 law does not include a greenhouse gas, though a greenhouse gas may be regulated in order to address concerns other than climate change. However, the bill would not affect greenhouse gas regulations relating to automobile emission standards.

The bill stands little chance of Senate approval. A similar bill came up 10 votes short of the 60 votes needed to avert a filibuster. The measure, proposed by Senate Minority Leader McConnell, R-Ky., and Sen. Inhofe, R-Okla., was offered as an amendment to a small business bill that the Senate has been working on since mid-March. Four Democrats – Sens. Manchin (W.V.), Nelson (Neb.), Landrieu (La.) and Pryor (Ark.) – voted for the measure.

President Obama also threatened to veto any measure that would hinder the administration’s efforts to restrict GHG emissions.