House Agriculture Committee Chairman Lucas, R-Okla., sent a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson which requested a response to a list of questions that was submitted to her agency earlier in the year.Administrator Jackson had testified before the House Agriculture Committee on March 10, 2011, at a hearing on EPA regulations.After the hearing, committee members submitted questions for the record to clarify EPA’s intentions and the potential impacts of that agency’s actions on agriculture.

Lucas’ letter to Jackson, which can be viewed at, stated that EPA regulations “can have far-reaching consequences on businesses across the country.For that reason, your agency’s regulatory agenda has been a frequent topic of interest at hearings held by the House Committee on Agriculture.”

In reminding Jackson that it has been nearly six months since the questions had been submitted, the letter said, “Our Committee is not raising idle concerns; we are seeking forthright answers that will help farmers and ranchers make important business decisions.”

Lucas also said the clarification of EPA’s intent will, “help dispel any mischaracterizations of regulations which are currently under consideration by your agency and give American businesses the regulatory certainty they need to reinvest in our economy.”