The EPA has created a new “pollinator work group” (PWG) that will focus on issues of pollinator protection, for both honey bees and native pollinating bees. The work group will report to the Pesticide Policy Dialogue Committee (PPDC), which serves as an advisory group to the EPA.

Initial meetings have identified short term issues that may be addressed now while long term issues may need additional research. The 44-member PWG represents a broad interest group, including state and federal government representatives, beekeepers, conservation groups, applicators, grower groups, cooperative extension, nongovernmental groups, and agricultural industry. Dr. Don Parker, the NCC’s manager of Integrated Pest Management, serves on the PWG.

EPA also has announced intentions to release new guidelines and additional tests in 2012 for the risk assessment used to decide if pesticides are registered, or re-registered, for use.

EPA continues to work with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development partners toward global risk assessments. Additional information can be viewed at the EPA website,